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The Puggle, sometimes called a Buggle or Peagle, is a cross between the Pug and Beagle breeds. Puggles have a small but sturdy build. They have a longer muzzle like a Beagle, but have some of the same features as a Pug such as loose skin and wrinkles. The Puggle’s tail is often curled like a Pug too, but not as tight. Puggles come in a variety of colors depending on the genes inherited from the parent breeds, but the most common colors are black, fawn, or tan.

Additional Information

Puggles are really friendly, playful, and make great family dogs because they love to be around other people and kids. The temperament of a Puggle is usually the combination of the active and inquisitive nature of a Beagle with the companion-like nature of a Pug. Due to the friendly and outgoing nature of the Puggle, they are usually okay with other dogs, but be watchful with cats since the Beagle chase instinct may try to take over. Although Puggles are a small breed, they are quite sturdy. Unlike some of the larger breeds, they won’t knock smaller children over but are still tough enough to put up with some rough play from children. Both Pugs and Beagles can have a stubborn streak, so be patient when it comes to training a Puggle.

Clubs, Registries & Associations

American Canine Hybrid Club Designer Breed Registry Designer Dogs Kennel Club Dog Registry of America, Inc. International Designer Canine Registry (Based on breed recognition. See store for details on this particular puppy.)